Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Ltd recently staged the Mercedes-Benz Driving Events (MBDE) 2019 at the Chang International Circuit with an advanced safety driving course specially designed for customers and the local media, featuring as much as 30 Mercedes-Benz and high-powered Mercedes-AMG models.

Station 1: Brake & Lane Change


This station is set up to test the emergency brake control and for the driver’s responding speed to stimulus. Here, drivers will get to test the ABS® and Brake Assist safety system and see from the outside as others activate the Adaptive brake light. Driving out from the starting point at a speed of about 100 km/ h., they must brake and swerve into the left or the right lane following the direction of the instructors. This exercise is designed to help the driver coordinate emergency braking and steering under pressure.

Station 2: ESP® Simulation

The most difficult situation for drivers on the road, imagine obstacles appearing on the road in front while traveling at speed, without space to brake, evasive steering and delicate pedal applications are required to successfully complete the exercise. With the help of Mercedes-Benz ESP® system, creating confidence in the driver helping them to understand the car will go where they steer in the most extreme situation and in a variety of cars.

Station 3: Drag Race & Brake to a Point

This station allows all drivers to fully experience outstanding performance of the Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG cars in an atmosphere of a simulating motorsport race. Drivers can test their responding skills while the two cars are released from the starting point simultaneously as the red signal goes off. When the lights go out, the driver then must brake at the specified point and the one who can stop the car precisely on the point will be considered a winner.

Station 4: Cornering Exercise

This is set up for a cornering test utilising different widths of the curves in the driving field. This test enables drivers to practice their skills in braking, steering and visibility. The instructor of this station will lead, around the small section of the circuit allowing drivers to practice driving in real racing routes and learn driving techniques from a pro, utilising the entire Mercedes-Benz cars range, experiencing the difference between Mercedes-Benz models and drive lines, and between passenger cars and SUVs.

Station No. 5: Handling Course

A miniature race track, similar cars and a stop watch, which require the driver to perfectly balance the steering, braking and acceleration for the ultimate result. All drivers have the opportunity to try the new A-Class, which allow them to compare their progress against others and learn from their mistakes.

Station No. 6: Lead & Follow

At this station, the Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG cars will be divided into 4 groups, each of which consisting of similar performance and characteristics. Drivers can now practice their driving skills as a racer on a real racing line around the full Chang International Circuit, as well as experiencing the full performance of the Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG cars. The professional instructors will personally coach you around the track, explaining the finer points of performance driving on a race track. All of which is designed to make you the better and safer driver on the road.