Small car expert Suzuki has received over 1,300 orders for the new Suzuki Ertiga subcompact MPV, just a month after its official launch.
According to distributor Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co Ltd, the most popular model from the Ertiga lineup was the GX (AT), with 90 per cent of sales, thanks to its high equipment level that suits the modern lifestyle.
Minoru Amano, president of Suzuki Motor (Thailand), said, “The all-new Suzuki Ertiga has been presented to drivers as an alternative for those who love diversity, not only for the car’s value or for the purpose its serves, but a vehicle which leads to unlocking life’s other side of freedom. This new model of MPV is renowned for its advanced technology, created only by Suzuki, which helps to increase the vehicle’s capabilities and safety, raising the bar for automobiles in the present day. Moreover, the new model was well received by drivers as shown by the high number of reservations.”


Amano said that in early February, the company set up a special event campaign with its official retailers to introduce the Ertiga through Suzuki showrooms nationwide to create a new perception among customers of the novelty, new technological variation, all-roundedness and great value of the new Suzuki model.
“This model is packed with not only, a striking design, but uniqueness and modernity which have raised the level of the MPVs,” he said.
Wallop Treererkngam, executive director for sales and marketing for Suzuki Motor (Thailand), added that presently consumers are looking for a vehicle that could answer the needs of a more diversified lifestyle.
“And the target group for this model is the new generation which still gives importance to their family, while they also treasure the time they can spend with their friends. These youngsters are in search of a car with unique design, yet modern, that comes installed with an all-rounded function which caters to the variety of lifestyle of both themselves and those around them,” he said.
“We are confident that we will be able to generate sales beyond our set goal of 2,500 units for the year,” Wallop added.


Suzuki has been gradually making deliveries of the first batch of the new model in February.
“With the high reservations during the past 30 days, we have discussed with the manufacturer in Indonesia to increase our import quota to cater to the unexpected high demand for the vehicle. The talks will also help us better prepare for the high reservations expected during the upcoming 40th Bangkok International Motor Show,” Wallop said.
The promotional prices during this introduction period, which will last until 30th April 2019, is another attraction, as the GL (AT) is priced only at Bt655,000 and the GX (AT) is priced at Bt695,000.