The ORA Good Cat EV has been officially launched in Thailand with prices ranging from Bt989,000 (US$29,713) to Bt1.199 million (US$36,023).

The new model from ORA, a sub-brand of China’s Great Wall Motor (GWM), will be delivered to customers starting in November, the company announced. GWM also stated it will open its first charging station in November and expand the GWM Store network from 21 to 30 locations within the end of 2021.


More than 4,200 pre-orders have been placed for the Good Cat prior to the official launch, but true sales figures have yet to be announced.

The Good Cat is available in three trim levels – 400 TECH priced at Bt989,000, 400 PRO priced at Bt1.059 million and 500 ULTRA priced at Bt1.199 million.

The 400 models come with 47.7kWh LFP battery packs offering a range of 400 kilometers (NEDC) while the 500 model gets a 63.1kWh NMC battery pack boasting a range of 500 kilometers (NEDC). The batteries come with an 8-year/180,000km warranty.

Highlights in the 400 models include navigation, adaptive cruise control, 360-degree camera and panoramic sunroof while the ULTRA 500 also gets automated parking and massaging seats.

The Good Cat comes with a 143-horsepower electric motor with 210Nm of torque, propelling it to a top speed of 152km/h.