Mercedes-Benz EQS

Mercedes-Benz has announced it will produce the EQS electric vehicle in Thailand later this year.

The EQS will be assembled locally at the Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant (TAAP) in Samut Prakarn province and launched in Thailand within this year, the German luxury automaker announced in an online press conference today. An imported version of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS will also be launched in the Kingdom during the same period, it added.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC

This year, Mercedes-Benz is also planning to elevate its after-sales services with the Mercedes-Benz Service Plus maintenance program plus warranty extension, StarParts and REMAN parts, as well as a sales campaign that runs from now until the end of September.

Roland Folger, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Co Ltd, said Mercedes-Benz AG previously announced that the brand is preparing to go all-electric globally within this decade, with the launching of 3 new electric-only architectures: MB.EA, AMG.EA and VAN.EA in 2025.

“In Thailand, Mercedes-Benz has also been preparing our manufacturers in accordance with this strategy both in terms of production of electric vehicles at Mercedes-Benz’s assembly plant in Thailand and continued investment in electric vehicles through receiving the Board of Investment’s certificate for both PHEV and BEV. We established Mercedes-Benz battery plant in Thailand since 2019, while maintaining our leadership in the luxury PHEV market with most diverse products in all segments,” he said. “Recently, we also announced new retail optimization strategy focusing on enhancing points of sales and services capacity, ‘experienced based’ retail outlets in parallel with customized luxury brand communications platform, and digital transformation. This would allow Mercedes-Benz to better answer the needs of customers while building sustainability of our business in long term.”

According to Mercedes-Benz, the EQS was developed entirely from an EV platform to become an executive-class electric car that fuses technology, design, functionality and connectivity in order to provide comfort for both driver and passengers.

Mercedes-Benz is also preparing to produce and sell PHEV version of the new S-Class, which was recently launched in Thailand. The PHEV version will be officially unveiled at The IAA MOBILITY 2021 on September 5. Mercedes-Benz said will provide an update when each model will be officially launched in Thailand.

S-Class PHEV

Meanwhile, the company plans to expand its dealer network and introduce latest innovative sub-brands to customers in Thailand including Mercedes-EQ and Mercedes-Maybach. Recently, Mercedes-Benz has appointed 4 Mercedes-Maybach dealers including Benz TTC, Benz StarFlag, Primus Autohaus and Benz BKK.

For after-sales service, there’s a new Mercedes-Benz Service Plus maintenance program with warranty extensions. There are four packages to choose from: Compact, Advance, Extra and Excellent. According to Mercedes-Benz, the program provides flexibility for customers in terms of maintenance, replacement of worn parts, and extending the quality guarantee without mileage limitation as well as extended protection for up to 8 years.

In terms of a variety of spare parts, Mercedes-Benz will offer both StarParts, standard Mercedes-Benz auto parts at more accessible prices to help customers save up to 55 per cent for maintenance of Mercedes-Benz cars aged 5 years and over, covering compact cars, mid-level car, SUVs and sports cars. Mercedes-Benz also has REMAN parts, which are genuine parts that have been remanufactured. Mercedes-Benz invented REMAN to reduce the use of resources and labor in the process of producing new genuine parts by rehabilitating, inspecting and quality testing the parts under Mercedes-Benz standards. This makes REMAN parts more affordable, allowing customers to pay less. REMAN parts are available in main equipment, parts for mechanism, injection system and exhaust system, electrical systems and electronics and transmission system. Mercedes-Benz owners of various models can choose REMAN parts at Mercedes-Benz authorized dealers nationwide.

Mercedes-Benz also introduced “StarFest 2021: Season of the Ultimate Offers” offering exciting deals for Mercedes-Benz cars, covering the ranges of Compact car, Contemporary Luxury, Dream Cars, as well as its high-performance sports car brand “Mercedes-AMG”, from now to September 30.