Mazda has introduced the “Mazda 100th Anniversary Edition”, inspired by the R360 Coupe, its first passenger car.

The Mazda 100th Anniversary Edition models are available on Mazda2 1.3 S Leather (Hatchback and Sedan), Mazda3 2.0 SP (Hatchback and Sedan) and CX-30 2.0 SP.


All models feature special Snowflake White Pearl exterior color, and 100th Anniversary special logo, white/burgundy interior, 100th Anniversary special logo on the front headrests, key fob and hubcaps, plus burgundy floor carpets and mats also with the 100th Anniversary logo.

All three models are available online via SKY Booking:


   ModelPrices (THB)
1Mazda2 100th Anniversary Edition677,000.00
2Mazda2 Sports 100th Anniversary Edition677,000.00
3Mazda3 100th Anniversary Edition1,237,000.00
4Mazda3 Sports 100th Anniversary Edition1,237,000.00
5Mazda CX-30 100th Anniversary Edition1,228,000.00

Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, president of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co Ltd, said, “If we look back to the past 100 years, Mazda would be just a cork producing company in Hiroshima that produced mechanical equipment for industrial use. With passion for automotive technology, Mazda seriously had undertaken the study and became car manufacturer in 1931. We began to produce the first ‘Mazda vehicle’, the three-wheeled truck which was successfully introduced to the market and it had been received a great success globally. It was named ‘Green Panel’ as this vehicle was launched in the same period of the WWII, to convey ‘Peace, Safety and Youth’.

“Over the past 100 years, Mazda has been developing various automotive innovations such as the rotary engine, the ideal of sport car engine that led Mazda to enjoy the first victory of the Le Mans 24 hrs. Mazda was able to innovate SKYACTIV Technology providing both performance and fuel economy, which was the countless successes that once existed only in someone’s imagination. All of these successes was because we had a challenging spirit even suffering from a devastating blow at the end of WWII when the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima. Mazda refused to surrender to the devastation and went on to achieve an amazing recovery with the production of vehicles. This challenging spirits had been delivered from generation to generation until today and we dare…to be different. Mazda’s distinctive character represented driver personality; therefore, vehicles under Mazda brand are not only the vehicle that could take passenger to the destination, but also help to create drivers’ value in lives.

“Mazda reached its 100th Anniversary on 30 January 2020, we would like to express our gratitude to customers for trusting in every step of Mazda for over a century. Toward the next 100 years, we will continue strengthen our co-creation and remain true to our unique trait of co-creating with others, placing people at the center of our mind, constantly challenging ourselves to create unique products, technologies and experience that our customers love,” Chanchai added.


Thee Permpongpanth, vice president of marketing and government affairs said, “When looking back to the past 60 years (1960), Mazda declared its huge success that could change people’s lives by unveiling the Mazda R360 Coupe which was the first micro-mini passenger car in Japan. At that time, Mazda was not the first 4-wheel passenger car manufacturer. However, with its outstanding design, different appearance, advanced technology, functionality, ability to enrich people’s lives, its compact size and affordable price that enabled people to own it easily were the reasons why the R360 Coupe had received an overwhelming attention and surprisingly generate sales and market share to Mazda. The R360 Coupe became an epoch-making car that accelerated the motorization of Japanese society and its birth was like the beginning of people’s lives as it fulfilled their lives by allowing them to own their first model of Mazda car. Mazda had become “Passenger car manufacturer” and had been passing the DNA as a “pioneer” to present generation until they could create new countless success.