German luxury carmaker Audi has officially introduced the e-tron 55 quattro SUV in Thailand, aiming to win upper-market customers interested in electric vehicles.
The Audi e-tron 55 quattro is priced at Bt5.099 million, which is highly attractive considering that it is fully-imported from the eco-friendly Audi EV production facility in Belgium.
Alexander von Waldenberg Drezil, director for South East Asia, Taiwan and India, Audi AG, said the success of the Audi e-tron, with sales of more than 20,000 units worldwide after its official launch in the United States, is proof of its outstanding performance and package. He said the new electric model is being introduced in more new markets, including Thailand, which is a high-potential market with high growth trends.


“We are confident that the launch of the Audi e-tron 100% electric premium SUV in Thailand will help bring an important change to the Thai automobile industry, which is moving towards becoming an electric vehicle society. We take this opportunity to thank the Thai government for its support for EV use in an effort to lower the effects on the environment in Thailand,” he said.
The Audi e-tron comes with the quattro all-wheel-drive system, and is powered by electric motors located at the front and rear, driving the wheels directly. This creates instantaneous response whether when taking off or during overtaking.
The two motors produce a combined 360hp, which shoots up to 408hp during boost mode, and simultaneously the maximum torque is raised from 561Nm to 664Nm. Acceleration from 0-100km/h takes 6.6 seconds in normal mode and 5.7 seconds in boost mode, while the top speed is claimed at 200km/h.
Apart from its outstanding performance, another outstanding feature is its efficiency – the range for 1 full charge is 417kms tested under the WLTP standard. Audi says that part of this is possible due to the effective energy recuperation system engaged during deceleration and braking.
The interior space is not affected by the battery storage location, and the luggage space has a volume of 660 liters.
Krisada Lamsam, president and CEO of Audi Thailand, said, “With support from Audi AG, we still maintain an offensive strategy and the launch of the Audi e-tron reflects the character and DNA of Audi which is ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik”.”


“It will create a new trend in the premium car market, whether in terms of performance, design and technology that answers to the lifestyle and requirements of the customer. The arrival of the Audi e-tron is an important milestone in the move towards the development of the ‘Smart City’ concept in Thailand,” he added. “Today we are ready for the change to sustainability by wasting no time in introducing EV technology into Thailand, as well as creating a historic cooperation with real estate giant Sansiri PCL, which has a strong vision in terms of sustainability and responsibility to the environment throughout the years, in the ‘Dare to Change’ project. In a move to raise the level of Green Ecosystem, Sansiri will use Audi e-tron vehicles as part of its company car fleet.”

Apichart Chutrakul, vice chairman of Sansiri PCL, said, “Sansiri and Audi Thailand is aware of the level of pollution in the world today. With similar ‘Green Mission’ visions, we have joined hands in a cooperation that will create a big change that could become world-level, starting with using the fully-electric Audi e-tron in our organization. This will help reflect the DNA of our organization, which is determined and a hands-on one, not just at the policy level. This is also the first time that 2 industries from real estate and automobile have joined hands to support the Green Ecosystem and make a difference.”