Toyota has introduced the all-new Yaris ATIV eco car that not only comes with attractive styling but also a bunch of new features.

The 2022 Yaris ATIV is available in four trim levels priced from Bt539,000 to Bt689,000.


It is built on a new Toyota platform at the Gateway plant in Thailand with a Bt5.2-billion investment, and will be exported to over 35 countries globally. Meanwhile, domestic sales for the Yaris ATIV is expected to reach 3,500 units per month.

The 1.2-liter sedan is the first variant from the Yaris lineup, which will also include a hatchback version as well as 1.2 turbo and hybrid powerplant choices.

The exterior styling of the Yaris ATIV takes on a modern fastback design that helps improve aerodynamics while at the same time looking elegant. Both front and rear lights are LEDs, with sequential turning lights at the rear.

The Yaris ATIV is powered by the same 1.2-liter engine as the first-gen car that was introduced back in 2017, but re-tuned to produce 94hp and 110Nm. The power is transmitted via a newly-developed CVT to the front wheels.

The new Yaris ATIV has an average fuel economy of 23.3 km/liter, and passes the Euro 5 emission standards. It also serves as a replacement for the Vios, which is powered by a 1.5-liter engine that is not as clean.

This means that the Yaris ATIV needs to be larger than its predecessor, which is the case. The new platform allows engineers to extend the wheelbase and track width, resulting in a larger exterior dimension as well as larger cabin.

The suspension has been upgraded with McPherson struts with stabilizer up front and torsion beam with stabilizer at the rear. Stopping power comes from disc brakes both front and rear.

The interior features a 7-inch digital instrument display, 8-inch or 9-inch touchscreen, front recording camera, 360-degree camera, automatic climate control, rear air vents and four USB ports.

For the Thai market, there are several unique features being offered such as 64-color ambient light, red leather upholstery, metallic gray exterior trim and high-quality Pioneer loudspeaker system.

The Yaris ATIV also comes with Toyota Safety Sense package with a pre-collision system, automatic high beam, lane departure and front departure alert, plus adaptive cruise control.

Hideyuki Kamino, executive chief engineer of the new Yaris ATIV, said, “In 2017, we introduced the Yaris Ativ in Thailand and it has built a strong following of loyal users. While offering high quality, durability, and reliability, we have supplied this sedan to our customers affordably.”

Kamino stated that in Thailand, Yaris ATIV customers are mainly first car buyers aged around early 30s and single females living with family or just started to have a small family with children.

“We came up with 3 keywords — proudful, comfortable and affordable — for the Yaris ATIV,” he said. 

“Starting with PROUDFUL. These young female customers are seeking for not only a functional car, but also a car which can represent their lifestyle and values. The new ATIV’s styling keyword is ‘Powerful and Elegant’. We created a next-generation sedan by adopting a powerful and elegant fastback style, sequential turn signal lamps, large-diameter tires, and LED head lamps. This attractive ‘Fastback’ silhouette is the highlight, inspired by European cars, while keeping the current roomy interior and luggage space. Long wheelbase and large tires placed at the corners emphasize a powerful look. Also, basic performance, such as fuel efficiency and steering stability, have been greatly enhanced. Of course, this sedan is fully equipped with progressive design and advanced safety equipment. It will give confidence of drive to customer. Interior also represents a ‘proud to own’ but simple yet luxury atmosphere. Soft touch materials, electric parking brake and large monitor gives premium, high quality, and advance feeling, and the color of the ambient lighting can be adjusted upon driver’s feeling.”

Kamino added, “Next is COMFORTABLE. As an entry car, ‘Easy to drive’ is a MUST. The newly developed platform provides an easy to drive experience by upgrading the basic performance, providing an outstanding field of view, and enhancing turning and maneuvering in small spaces. In the rear seat area, we have focused on providing a roomy and relaxing space and generously sized seats to accommodate precious people including parents and friends. Lightweight new platform helps providing a light and linear steering feel and comfortable flat ride. I can say that the new Yaris ATIV has a top-class basic performance in ECO segment.”
Kamino stated the last key point of being “AFFORDABLE”, “Lastly, all of what I mentioned is realized with affordable pricing. For ECO cars, not only design and specs, but ‘affordability’ is also one of the important factors. So, I developed this new Ativ to be more than just a product, but also aimed at empowering Thai young customers to be proud of themselves by becoming an owner of this model and its exceptional user experience.”