Michelin has revealed its revamped East Asia and Oceania Regional Headquarters in Bangkok, aiming to portray a vision of the modern office for the future, transitioning into a digital-age workspace.

The focus of the revamped space is on creating a Dynamic Workplace through the concept of Activity-Based Working, placing employees at the center and involving them in the design process to enhance work potential and foster creativity. The office is thoughtfully equipped to ensure every employee can work productively and happily, and the new layout optimizes building space usage.

Crafted with environmentally friendly materials, the unique design mirrors Michelin’s commitment to sustainability, making it one of the most innovative office concepts in Bangkok and the broader Asia region.


Manuel Fafian, president of Michelin East Asia & Oceania, said, “The renovation of the regional headquarters in Bangkok underscores a primary focus on employees. The design prioritizes accommodating various work styles through the implementation of ‘Activity-based Working,’ a concept derived from collaborative brainstorming and tailored to the needs of personnel in each department. This approach allows every employee the flexibility to choose their work seat daily, aligning with their specific activities, and easily adapting the workspace for collaboration.”

This not only enhances collaboration but also boosts overall productivity, as employees can seamlessly move, connect, and collaborate throughout the day. Moreover, the construction materials prioritize environmentally friendly products with high standards, ensuring that the new office fully meets the company’s sustainability requirements in every aspect.”

Fafian added that the transformation of this space goes beyond a mere office redesign — it signifies a shift towards a new working approach encapsulated by three core concepts: Agility, Flexibility and Unity.

The design process for the new office began with thorough interviews with executives to capture the company’s future vision, along with a survey of employee opinions. References from various Michelin offices worldwide were utilized to ensure that the new office in Bangkok aligns with Michelin’s brand identity and meets world-class standards. The entire construction process took more than one and a half years, and efficient planning enabled Michelin to reduce the office space from the original 5,484sqm to only 3,976sqm. Despite the reduction, the new space feels more open and spacious than before. Importantly, this reduction also allowed for an increased focus on collaboration, with collaboration zones doubling in size.

Anu Sridhar, personnel director of Michelin East Asia & Oceania, stated, “Our new working approach revolves around diversity and sharing. Shifting from ‘Me space’ to ‘We Space’ is crucial, as Michelin values social connections that foster ongoing creativity and innovation. The new office concept emphasizes high flexibility and a sense of belonging, promoting diversity and inclusion. This approach is aimed at enabling employees to work to their full potential and live harmoniously together, contributing to a culture of shared success and happiness.”

As Michelin employees step into the new office space, they are greeted by a relaxed cafe atmosphere, offering a space to sit, enjoy coffee, or have a light snack before beginning work. The work zones within the company are adorned in numerous styles, emphasizing flexibility and connectivity for employees. While promoting an open and collaborative environment, the company also acknowledges the need for privacy in certain work scenarios. The office space is segmented into three primary work zones: Social, Interactive, and Focus, each designed with distinct sound requirements to avoid disrupting the work of fellow colleagues.

Additionally, the office boasts various facilities such as a live broadcasting studio, private telephone booths, employee lockers, a recreation room, a rest area, and a lactation room, as well as a coffee garden and several other function rooms. All these facilities transform Michelin’s regional headquarters into a modern office tailored to cater to individuals of all genders and ages, emphasizing a design that prioritizes the well-being and needs of its diverse workforce.

The design studio for this project, pbm, said, “The design of various functions reflects Michelin’s business concepts: With Tires, Around Tires and Beyond Tires. In the Reception area, the “Beyond Tires” concept creates a circular space inspired by Michelin tires. The décor incorporates flowing curved lines, resembling tire treads, with a glossy white tone symbolizing innovation. The use of lights in the lines signifies the journey within the office space. For the co-working space and canteen in the work zones, the “Around Tires” concept is applied, using Michelin’s CI color to infuse an active and lively atmosphere. The café, divided into three themes representing travel routes to different cities, aims to spark a sense of daily adventure among employees. In the work area, the concept of “With Tires,” the foundation of Michelin, is employed. The space is clearly defined by the CI color, integrating light wood tones to underscore Michelin’s commitment to sustainability as a top priority.”

Michelin is currently engaged in four primary business segments: tires, tire services & solutions, mobility experiences, and hi-tech materials.