To offer the best holistic customer experience, Mercedes-Benz Thailand has introduced the “Retail of the Future” featuring one-price policy for its product portfolio.

According to Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Ltd, this milestone in retail transformation marks a pivotal chapter in the company’s history, following the tease of its implementation during the “Ambition for the Future” event held in September of last year.

As a central component of the customer journey, the “Retail of the Future” offers clear advantages for customers, above all price transparency across all sales channels as well as the selection of their vehicle from the nationally available stock. The agency model combines this with a business model that is focused on customer benefits, sustainable and economically attractive for the retail partners and offers Mercedes-Benz new opportunities in direct contact with its customers.

Martin Schwenk

Martin Schwenk, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Thailand Ltd, said, “Today marks the official launch of ‘The Retail of the Future,’ the new Mercedes-Benz retail strategy that introduces a new way to purchase Mercedes-Benz cars. The approach is focused on the customer’s needs and is created to accommodate shifting consumer trends and behaviors while delivering the best possible customer experience. With the launch of the new business model, we aim to enhance our customer experience by eliminating the need for price negotiation and the time spent on determining the best pricing with our new ‘One Price’ policy, which will be a valuable benefit for our customers.”

Successfully implemented in 10 markets worldwide, such as Germany and Malaysia in the previous year, the “Retail of the Future” model has proven to bring substantial benefits for both retail partners and customers alike.

At the core of this new approach lies a “5-Step Journey to Own a Mercedes-Benz” as follows:

  • Get close to the right car: Express interest, and a dedicated consultant creates a lead, checking the availability of the desired vehicle.
  • Access the central inventory: With access to Mercedes-Benz centralized inventory, sales consultants ensure customers get their preferred car, regardless of location.
  • Access the best prices and the best offers: The consultant presents a singular transparent price, eliminating the need for negotiation. Customers, now empowered to choose from various sales campaigns, receive quotations, and enjoy finance consultations.
  • Enter the reservation process: The journey moves to the vehicle booking stage, where documents are prepared, and customers select a date and pickup method.
  • Become the owner of a Mercedes-Benz: Ending with a thorough inspection, proceeding with the down payment, tax invoice receipt, signing the delivery form, and the added delight of a Mercedes-Benz giveaway.