Despite being imported from Japan thus suffering from high import duty, the elegant-looking Mazda6 sedan has secured 45 pre-orders (out of 100 available) within the first seven days it was shown at the Thailand International Motor Expo.

Mazda6 20th Anniversary

Final pricing of the Mazda6 has not been announced, but customers have been told it would cost as much as Bt2.4 million, which is far higher than locally-assembled competitors in its market segment such as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

And while Thai consumers have embraced the arrival of new fully-electric models at the Motor Expo, Mazda, which currently doesn’t offer a single EV model in Thailand, has enjoyed a satisfactory number of orders for models such as the Mazda2 subcompact and CX-30 crossover. Up to date the Japanese auto maker has received 934 orders thanks to attractive year-end sales promotions which includes 5-year Mazda Care and Mazda Ultimate Service (MUS) packages, low down payment and interest-free installment plan, free insurance and souvenirs.


The Mazda6 offered at the Motor is a 20th-anniversary edition model coming with 7-year MUS and numerous customer privileges. Deliveries are scheduled for April 2024.