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Mazda invites customers to share happiness with students


Mazda continues its commitment to deliver sustainable benefits to Thai society, while elevating the quality of life for its people.

The company recently collaborated with four dealers to take customers on a journey to experience new encounters. This journey involves traveling in Mazda vehicles as a caravan to provide educational equipment, scholarships, and meals to students at Wat Thua Thong School in Pathum Thani province as well as providing the opportunity for customers to learn advanced driving techniques and experience Mazda vehicles of all models equipped with the latest technology at Pathum Thani Speedway.

This initiative is part of the “Mazda Punsuk Skyactiv Driving Experience” event that is aligned with Mazda’s “happiness sharing project” since 2020, which aims to promote lasting community sharing in Thailand and in line with the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 vision aiming to bring sustainability to society and people.


Tadashi Miura, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co Ltd, said, “Mazda has always emphasized the importance of conducting business in harmony with creating a sustainable earth, improving people’s quality of life and benefiting society. Mazda is committed to elevating the well-being of individuals in society by delivering quality and safe vehicles to all customers, alongside engaging in various activities that are beneficial to the public. Mazda has initiated the ‘Mazda Punsuk’ project and has been continuing its efforts for the past four years since the outbreak of COVID-19, with excellent support from suppliers, customers, and partners in all sectors. The goal is to give back happiness and sustainability to the community by traveling to various provinces across Thailand, providing assistance to underprivileged youth and local residents, and acting as a bridge for sharing with those in need to make their lives more comfortable in their daily routines”

This year, Mazda Sales Thailand continues the happiness sharing project under the theme of the Mazda Punsuk Skyactiv Driving Experience. This event is carried out with the cooperation of four Mazda dealers in Bangkok and Pathum Thani province namely 14 Automotive Group, Phra Ram 7 Group, Dumrongsub Mazda Group and Albatross Auto Group, along with more than 90 Mazda car users.

They embarked on a journey in Mazda vehicles equipped with Skyactiv technology, with more than 40 cars heading to Wat Thua Thong primary school in Pathum Thani province to offer educational tools, agricultural equipment, and scholarships to students. The aim is to provide children with more comprehensive access to learning resources, thus enhancing their quality of life.

Wat Thua Thong primary school is located in Ban Pathum, Sam Khok District, Pathum Thani Province. It is a small school that provides education for students from kindergarten to Grade 6, with a total of 76 students and 12 teachers. Through a survey, it was found that this school lacks many necessary educational resources for academic development. Moreover, most parents have limited income. Therefore, Mazda embarked on a journey to provide support, ensuring that students have access to essential learning materials. This effort aims to enable students to apply the knowledge they acquire in their future careers. Additionally, the team prepared nutritious and favorite lunch menus, adhering to nutritional standards, to bring smiles and happiness to both the givers and recipients.

Senior Vice President Thee Permpongpanth said, “In addition to sharing with students in the morning at Wat Thua Thong School, Mazda also organized the Skyactiv Driving Experience activity. This exclusively provided an opportunity for customers to experience driving the new Mazda cars while enhancing their driving skills following the Jinba-Ittai philosophy, which emphasizes the connection between the driver and the car. Customers learned safe driving techniques, problem-solving, and vehicle control in emergency situations. They also gained insights into the operation of various systems and the latest technologies in Mazda cars. The event allowed participants to test drive cars equipped with Skyactiv technology at the Pathum Thani Speedway, led by a team of automotive driving experts, including Sirakupt Medhanee, who shared knowledge and provided guidance to customers. This aim was to to deliver a joyful and exciting driving experience to customers, emphasizing the ‘Joy of driving’ that Mazda aims to convey to all its customers.”