Changan Automobile is preparing to officially launch the Deepal L07 and S07 models in Thailand at the upcoming Thailand International Motor Expo.

While many could mistake it for an Indian name, Deepal, which means “Deep Blue” in Chinese, is a sub-brand of Changan Automobile that offers all-electric vehicles.

Changan is owned by the Chinese government and has just announced a Bt8.8-billion investment in Thailand to produce up to 100,000 EVs per year starting in 2024.


It plans to offer a variety of powertrain choices including EVs, PHEVs as well as REEVs (Range Extended Electric Vehicles) in Thailand.

Deepal L07

The Deepal L07, which won the prestigious Red Dot Award for design (under the name SL03) is an electric fastback saloon featuring minimalistic aerodynamic design along with a fully-digital interior.

It has similar dimensions to the BYD Seal and although Changan has not disclosed official specs for Thailand, there are two variants sold overseas.

They include the Standard Range model powered by a 258-hp electric motor with 320Nm of torque, offering 0-100km/h acceleration in 5.9 seconds. It comes with a 58.1kWh battery providing a range of 515kms (CLTC).

The Extended Range variant enjoys a larger 79.9kWh battery and a range of 705kms (CLTC), but the electric motor is less powerful at 218hp with 320Nm of torque. Acceleration from 0-100km/h takes 6.9 seconds.

Deepal S07

The S07, meanwhile, is an electric SUV featuring a wide body, frameless windows and electric door handles, along with a yacht-inspired interior.

It was designed by Bertrand Bach, Changan’s Global Chief Designer who formerly worked with VW, and competes against the Tesla Model Y.

In China, the S07 comes with 66.8kWh and 80kWh battery choices with similar electric motor outputs as the L07.