Volvo has launched “Volvo Certified Damage Repair Center (VCDR)” standard body and paint repair service, offering international standards and strict sustainability concept in accordance with the Swedish automaker’s environmental philosophy. 

Chris Wailes, managing director of Volvo Car (Thailand) Ltd, said, “In addition to offering premium grade automotive products to the global automotive market, we also focus on raising the standards of body and paint repair centers. Because accidents can happen at any time and we realize that Body and paint repair services must be of a high standard, just like our car mileage repairs.”


“This year, Volvo has developed a Volvo Certified Damage Repair Center (VCDR) program to provide vehicles that have undergone body and paint repairs from the VCDR standard service centers that meet complete and functional standards as if they had just come from the factory on the first day,” he added.

The VCDR standard service center will be equipped with new technology to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and emission of microscopic particles into the atmosphere, through the installation of a low-pressure ventilation system with an oxygen concentration. Equipped with automatic controls (Pulse Width Modulation: PWM) to reduce energy consumption when inactivity and increase the ventilation rate when the car is sprayed (e.g. the exhaust fan will start when the paint gun is worked). As for the process of painting the car will use batteries to heat the electric system instead of gas or oil as fuel. This will reduce the overall carbon emissions and carbon emissions from the work. In addition, more than 80 per cent of the disposed air goes through a six-layer filtration system to reduce the rate of greenhouse gas emissions and particulate matter into the atmosphere, and also bring those air back to circulate in the paint to reduce energy consumption.

There are two Volvo’s VCDR standard body and paint repair service centers in Thailand – Scandinavian Auto Company Limited (Hathairat Branch) and Newton Body and Paint Company Limited (Talingchan).