Suzuki has dispatched the Suzuki Carry Biosafety Mobile Unit in Samut Prakarn province to help fight against the spread of Covid-19.

Suzuki Motor (Thailand) vice president Wallop Treererkngarm said the mobile unit vehicle is a joint effort between Suzuki, King Mongkut Institute of Technology (KMIT) and Dr. Phakphum Dechhasdin, aka “More Panda Lab” (Panda Lab Doctor).


“The Carry multipurpose truck has been modified and equipped as a biosafety mobile unit for medical use, particularly the proactive detection of the Covid-19 virus in highly populated areas,” he said.

With the escalating number of infections in the country, the mobile unit, which was shown at the recently-concluded Bangkok International Motor Show, is being used by Dr. Phakphum in collaboration with the Sukhavech Hospital and Wachira Hospital in the Bang Sao Thong district in Samut Prakarn province. Samples are being collected and tested free of charge.

“The introduction of the Suzuki Carry Biosafety Mobile Unit to the public during this period reflects our intention, in cooperation with the More Panda Lab, in helping society by offering immediate medical services to people who are currently in trouble,” he said. “This will also help reduce high number of patient congestion using the services in various hospitals during this period.”

The biosafety unit features a human-centered design that takes into account the usage behavior, both in terms of design and function that meet that exactly meets the needs of the user, he added.

There is a HEPA filter adjustment system that is more effective than usual with materials made with advanced fiber technology, and has higher dust filtration efficiency than regular filters. There is also a positive pressure system to protect doctors and medical staff who collect samples from inside the car from pathogens. The mobile unit also helps lower the infection rate of medical staff, as well as the spread of pathogens into the environment, apart from reducing the cost of medical equipment.

“Medical agencies interested in a mobile Covid-19 testing vehicle can request for the Suzuki Carry Biosafety Mobile Unit for their use free of charge. That’s because this is a vehicle that is designed to be used in the interest of the general public. Please contact us via email at or Dr Lab Panda at Tel 08-7715-6166,” Wallop concluded.