Sales of the Suzuki Celerio eco car has skyrocketed in June, with 466 units sold compared to 105 units during the same period last year.

According to Suzuki Motors Thailand Co Ltd, consumers have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and are looking for more affordable cars. The Celerio is priced from Bt318,000-427,000 (US$10,000-13,427)


Wallop Treererkngam, Executive Director for Sales and Marketing, said that that since the pandemic began, the Thai economy has been impacted heavily, “particularly the automotive industry, where sales have decreased in all segments.”

“Meanwhile, various external factors have led consumers to adapt to the ‘New Normal’ way of life, including the change in purchasing behavior, and how people choose to travel, as more and more people now seek more privacy and social distancing,” he added. “This new trend has led travelers to search for the right personal vehicle to use in their everyday life, not only for comfort but to fit their lifestyle and needs, especially now that everyone wants to avoid being in a crowded public transport.”


Wallop added that target customers for the Celerio are the new generation of the working class who are seeking a vehicle with high value for money and high functionality.

“Such traits have made the Suzuki Celerio more appealing to our customers,” he said, adding that the model is set to help Suzuki reach its sales goal and a market share of 3 per cent in Thailand for 2020.

Meanwhile Suzuki is collaborating has with leading banks in Thailand to provide better promotional offers, including 90-day free driving, discount of up to Bt20,000 on car accessories, or drivers can choose installment plans, starting as low as Bt1,999 per month. An additional Bt10,000 cash discount will also be given to existing Suzuki customers or those working for the public sector, public enterprises, public companies, or those trading in the old Suzuki model for a new one. There is also free first-class insurance for 1 year and free emergency service from AWP (Thailand) for 3 years.