Suzuki announces top dealers

Suzuki has organized the Best Dealer Award for the third consecutive year, with 2019/2020 winners being named recently.

Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co Ltd president Minoru Amano said said, “Suzuki has always strived to advance the capacity of its dealers and employees to provide the best and sincerest care to every customer, especially in the sales service aspect, both before and after to create quality standardized services that are ever-lasting.


To reiterate Suzuki Motor (Thailand)’s commitment in pushing forward developments among dealers across the country, not for the sake of just business growth, but to bring about confidence among Suzuki consumers that Suzuki will continue to sustainably move forward with the Thai people from this point on, Suzuki has set up the Best Dealer Award 2019/2020,” he said.

For this year, the theme is ‘Human Resources Management to Create a Co-working Environment Perfect for Efficient and Sustainable Cooperation’, Mr. Amano added.

The main objective of the award ceremony is to upgrade the working standard in all sectors at Suzuki, while encouraging continuous improvements for sales services, in order for Suzuki to become a role model for other companies in Thailand. Suzuki’s determination can be seen through its services to customers, which have been provided with sincerity as a way to express the warmest thanks to every customer for their support to Suzuki.

And so, the main purpose of this ceremony is not only to encourage developments in the service sector but to improve the standard in each and every division of Suzuki with the aim that all dealers propel forward in the same direction. Mr. Amano stressed that every staff member is an important resource to Suzuki as they will help lead Suzuki to become a high-quality automotive dealer that will surely capture the hearts of the Thai people.

He said apart from inspiring each employee to further strengthen his or her potential, the ceremony will provide a stage for executives and dealers to exchange ideas for new directions on how to progressively advance the works of Suzuki, both in terms of the company as a whole and at the dealership level to guarantee a successful future for Suzuki.

Wallop Treererkngam, Executive Director for Sales and Marketing of Suzuki Motor (Thailand), meanwhile, expressed that the ‘Best Dealer Award 2019/2020’ will confirm and create confidence among Suzuki customers, which Suzuki sees as its family members, on Suzuki services and how it takes care of its family members. This will cement the idea that Suzuki is a reliable thinking partner that can help build happiness for every customer.

Each dealer has been carefully selected by its qualifications and last year’s overall operations. From these criteria, 9 finalists have been selected for the final contest, where each dealer had presented its visions and operation plans. There are 9 prizes in total – one first prize or the Best of the Best Dealer 2019/2020 and 8 Platinum Dealers for the runner-ups.

The awardees for the Best Dealers of the Year 2019/2020 are as follow:

The Best of The Best prize goes to ANN Autosales (2016) Co. Ltd. Sungai Golok branch, Narathiwat province

The Platinum Dealer 2019/2020 prize winners are:

  1. D Four Car City Co. Ltd.                                   Bangkok
  2. Praeyontrakarn Sales and Service Co. Ltd.         Prae province
  3. Klang Automobiles Co. Ltd.                              Nakhon Ratchasima province
  4. S.U. Suzuki Phuket Co. Ltd.                             Phuket province
  5. Suzuki Lopburi Co. Ltd.                                    Lopburi province
  6. Suzuki Kalasin Autocar Part. Ltd.                      Kalasin province
  7. Suzuki Hua-Hin (Sitthiphan) Co. Ltd.                  Prachuap Khiri Khan province
  8. Suzuki Nawanakhon Co. Ltd.                 Pathum Thani province

“The combined forces between Suzuki and all of its dealers have become the main strength for extended developments beyond just providing customers with the best services to create the highest level of satisfaction,” Mr. Wallop said. “Everyone at Suzuki have been steadily emphasizing on professional trainings to instill a service-mindedness in all of Suzuki employees. Suzuki also ensures that all human resources are well looked after, as everyone is seen as a member of the Suzuki family, all the while assuring that every employee can carry out their duties happily, worry-free, and with stability and confidence in the organization they work for. All these aspects, Suzuki believes, would help send a positive effect into how the employee carry out their duties; providing services to customers with sincerity and pride, as they see each customer as a Suzuki family member as well and want to take good care of them just like how they are being well looked after by Suzuki.”

He said one of Suzuki’s goals for 2020 is to expand the number of showrooms and service centers to 130 nationwide.

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