Pets and car are sometimes considered human’s best buddies, so Nissan Thailand has launched a Nissan Kicks e-Power commercial starring a cat.

The cat-approved video’s purpose is to creatively entertain and lift the spirits of the Thai public. With Thailand’s growing cat trend due to COVID-19, scientific studies show watching cat videos makes viewers feel more positive.


“Since late 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, and people are more isolated while working from home, so having a pet friend has become popular, to reduce depression and stress,” Nissan’s press release stated.

“Cat videos are proven to deliver significant health benefits – like boost energy levels, heighten positive emotions and decrease negative ones, something particularly important during the pandemic,” it added. “And Thailand (42 per cent) has the third-highest number of cat owners in the Asia-Pacific region , also rising due to COVID – so Nissan decided to combine both consumer insights in the ‘KICKS loves Cats’ video, under the concept of #CatApproved.”

The star of the video is the celebrity cat, ‘Khun Manee’ from the page “Khun Manee Ninew” who plays the role of ‘Kickie,’ the selective and stylish feline. Fittingly, she is a rare Thai Khao Manee cat breed. According to Nissan, her personality imaginatively connects the meticulous and independent nature of cats with the unique benefits of the Kicks.

Nissan did not provide any comments from Khun Manee, but Nissan Motor Thailand president had something to say about the project.

“With the growing popularity of cats in Thailand, coupled with the consumer insight that cat videos help people feel happier, Nissan was inspired to create a fun video using one of Thailand’s celebrity cats. We aim to bring a smile to consumer’s faces while educating them about the distinctive benefits of e-POWER.  As a pet-friendly car company and cat-lover myself, the high standards that our feline friends are infamous for makes it perfect to represent the standout car model like the Kicks e-Power,” Isao Sekiguchi, president of Nissan Motor Thailand Co Ltd, said.

Nissan hopes that the video brightens up people’s day and brings a smile from Kickie’s chaotic love story and the PURRFECT MATCH mission. Because in her own words: “why be simple, when you can be stunning!” Follow the story at Nissan Thailand’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.