Tadashi Miura

Tadashi Miura has been appointed as president of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co Ltd (MST) replacing Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk.

Miura was responsible for overseeing several global key markets for Mazda Motor Corporation including Europe, United States, Oceania, Russia and Taiwan, where he was the president of Mazda Motor Taiwan.

Miura (left) and Chanchai (right).

Miura said, “The responsibility in overseeing the Thai market during this period is a great challenge because Thailand is a market with huge potential. The parent company attaches great importance as Thailand is the main market for Mazda in Southeast Asia. In Thailand, we have accumulated sales of more than 700,000 units, including more than 300,000 SKYACTIV models. My top priority would be to continue to please our customers with Mazda’s core brand values.”

During FY2021 Mazda sold a total of 35,654 vehicles in Thailand, with a 4.5-per cent market share. It plans to grow by 15 per cent this year to 40,000 units.

Miura said Mazda’s 2022 business strategy is to enhance Mazda Brand Value by improving customer experience at all touchpoints, providing the best customer service experience.

“There are new customer service areas that we will expand our business capability for instance, Mazda Certified Body & Paint, Mazda Certified Pre-own, Customer Privilege Program, etc. in order to respond to our customers’ needs and enhance Mazda customer benefits for the entire ownership experience,” he said. “Besides, we will focus on utilizing digital platforms to support effective communication with Mazda customers and fans, creating opportunity for evolving fan-based marketing offering Mazda exclusive benefits to enhance Mazda brand value and achieve the highest customer satisfaction.”

Meanwhile, former company president Chanchai has been appointed as corporate advisor at MST.

“With his decades-long experience and expertise in automotive business, we are confident that Mr Chanchai will be able to support Mazda’s business in Thailand and assist Mazda to success. Mazda Motor Corporation is confident in the potential of Thai executives who truly understands the market and Thai customers,” Miura concluded.