Mercedes-Benz is offering a special campaign with up to 50-per cent discount on service fees and up to 30 per cent discount on spare parts for Mercedes-Benz owners affected by the floods.

The discount is offered to customers who bring their cars in for maintenance at Mercedes-Benz’s authorized service centers nationwide from 28 October until 30 November 2021.


Putthi Tulayathun, vice president of Customer Services of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, said “With the current flooding in many parts of Thailand, Mercedes-Benz is concerned about the well-being of our customers and their Mercedes-Benz that may encounter some problems. Therefore, we have introduced this promotional campaign with 50% discount on service fees and up to 30-per cent discount on spare parts to help reduce their expenses and help keep customers’ cars running smoothly during this difficult time while enabling them to have the best driving experience from Mercedes-Benz vehicles like before.”

For more information and conditions, contact Mercedes-Benz’s authorized service centers nationwide. Terms and conditions are as specified by Mercedes-Benz Thailand and Mercedes-Benz’s authorized service centers.