Mazda is offering the “Mazda Punsuk” campaign in order to fight the Covid pandemic in August.

The ”Mazda Punsuk” campaign offers customers 0-per cent interest rate, free 1-year Mazda Premium Insurance, 90 days free drive and free Eloop EW353 fast wireless charging power bank at Mazda showrooms nationwide from 7-15 August 2021.


In terms of after sales, Mazda is also offering a 0-per cent interest rate up to 10 months for service parts and services at Mazda service centers, 20-point free inspection, free vehicle disinfecting service and 50-per cent discount on service labor fee from 7-31 August 2021.

Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, president of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co Ltd, said, “In July, Thailand was still experiencing the third wave of COVID-19 infections which had negative impact on our lives, the economy and the automotive market.”

Chanchai added, “As a result, the sales of Mazda vehicles in July was lower than expected but Mazda still achieve the total sales of 2,112 units. The most popular model was Mazda2 with 1,147 units sold, followed by 356 units of the CX-30, 282 units of the CX-3, 131 units of the Mazda3, 80 units of the BT-50, 65 units of the CX-5 and 51 units of the CX-8. We have to thank customers for the continuous support even in the difficult situation.”

“Therefore, Mazda would like to thank customers for trusting in Mazda brand by offering the campaign ‘Mazda Punsuk’ throughout August to alleviate the expenses of new and existing customers, whether it is the customers who are interested to purchase new vehicles to use in their daily lives, to use for occupation, or existing customers who would like to bring their vehicles to have a service at Mazda service centers in order to have a continuous service and be able to bring the vehicles back to use safely,” he said.