Ducati appoints new importer/distributor

Ducati Motor Thailand has appointed Audi Thailand as the new importer and distributor for Ducati motorcycles in Thailand, effective from July 1, 2021.

Audi Thailand is part of the Meister Technik Group, which has been the official importer and distributor of Audi vehicles in Thailand during the last four years.

Marco Biondi, Ducati’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing for the Asia-Pacific region, said, “Audi Thailand has an outstanding management team that was able to expand the Audi brand presence in Thailand, growing sales as well as strengthening customer confidence in a short period of time. Therefore, I am convinced, that all Ducati customers in Thailand will benefit from this milestone in the Ducati/Audi integration and gain from the strong association.”

As for the previous importer-distributor Dacatisti Co Ltd, which dramatically increased Ducati sales in Thailand during its partnership, Biondi said, “I would also personally like to thank Ducatisti on behalf of Ducati, especially its CEO & Founder, Mr Apichat Leenuthaphong, and express our gratitude for the passion and excellence they have dedicated to our brand during the last 18 years. They will continue to deliver the top of line aftersales- and sales service to all customers in Thailand until the end of June. After this, they will focus on their Lamborghini Business and we are happy that they remain therefore a part of the VW-Group family.”

Grisnagorn Sawettanan, CEO of Meister Technik Group, added, “We believe that we can increase the number of Ducati customers in Thailand, through our proactive business strategy covering marketing, sales and aftersales, as well as personnel.”

“We will work closely with Ducati Asia-Pacific to strengthen customer confidence with the high quality of Ducati products and aftersales service, in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction,” he said.

Ducatisti will remain the official importer and distributor of Ducati motorcycles in Thailand until June 30 this year, and will continue to provide sales, spare part and service to the customers in Thailand.

Meister Technik group has been the official Audi importer and distributor in Thailand since 2017.  During the past four years it achieved new heights for the brand thanks to focused marketing, sales and after-sales activities, gaining the Audi brand a strong market acceptance and significantly increased sales.

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