Thai car guru Worapol Singkheowpong takes a close look at the Nissan Sylvia 4 Turbo Quad Eyes

Bangkok, July 4, 2018 — Expect the top exhibits from this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon to be displayed at the Bangkok International Auto Salon from July 4-8 at the Challenger Hall 2, IMPACT Muangthong Thani.
Held for the 6th consecutive year, the BIAS is ASEAN’s largest custom car show that also features new automobiles and motorcycles, helping to open the event to general consumers apart from car enthusiasts.
Within the fleet of top exhibits from the Tokyo Auto Salon are outstanding custom vehicles like the Hobnda NSX Modulo, Mazda RX7 BN Sport B.L.S. FD35, Toyota Vitabon-Go VR38, Nissan Tommy Kaira R Concept, Toyota 86 Wide Body Rohan G-Candy, Audi Balance IT R8, Suzuki Monster Sport ZC33S and the Nissan 4 Turbo Silvia Quad Eyes.
Custom car fans will be delighted to get close to these vehicles, allowing them to also witness the latest technologies of the custom car world, said Wiluck Lohthong, chairman of show organizer Cournot and Nash Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Siam Sport Group, considered as Thailand’s strongest sports syndication.
“We hope that this could spark interest for locals interested in custom cars further, while Thai custom cars are also being exhibited at BIAS, creating a colorful and harmonious atmosphere,” he said.

Honda HR-V Modulo

Auto companies are also taking the opportunity to show off their accessories. Honda, for example, is offering the Modulo kit for the minor-change HR-V crossover, while Isuzu is exhibiting award-winning drag racing pickup trucks based on its D-MAX.

Isuzu D-MAX Drag

Apart from cars and motorcycles, visitors to the BIAS also enjoy a wide collection of entertainment, which is considered as an annual Japan-Thai entertainment showdown event. This year the Edo Wonderland will perform a special sequence exclusive for Thailand. Visitors also get to meet sexy race queens from Japan who will be participating in the “Sexy Carwash” activity with local A-Class Girls Thailand and FHM Girls Next Door.
A large number of car club meetings are scheduled during the course of the show.

Liberty Walk booth

“With the large variety of events taking place, whether it’s the imported custom cars from Japan or the special sales promotions offered by various auto and motorcycle companies, including accessories and tuning companies, plus the entertainment, the BIAS 2018 is the place to be. We give customers not only a great experience but also the best deals as we are in fact the largest custom car and accessories show in ASEAN,” Wiluck added.

Mazda RX-7 BN Sport B.L.S. FD35
Mazda2 race cars
Nissan GT-R Upgrade by GT Tuning
Nissan GT-R 2019
Spoon Honda S2000
Suzuki Swift Sport Monster ZC33S
Suzuki Swift
Tommy Kaira Nissan R Concept
Tooyta C-HR
Toyota 86 Wide Body Rohan G-Candy
Toyota Hilux TRD
Yamaha R1M