Honda has combined its three motorcycle entities in Thailand resulting in the formation of just one company – Thai Honda Manufacturing Co Ltd.

Honda announced in a press release today that the new company, a merger between distributor A.P. Honda Co Ltd, manufacturer Thai Honda Manufacturing Co Ltd and holding company HPD Co Ltd, is expected to help Honda strengthen its business potential in Thailand during a time of economic difficulties caused by the Covic-19 pandemic.


The new company will be responsible for the production and distribution of motorcycles, as well as production of multi-purpose Honda engines in Thailand.

The production company name of Thai Honda Manufacturing Co Ltd was chosen to minimize any confusion, according to company executives.

Shigeto Kimura, former president of A.P. Honda Co Ltd, will become president of Thai Honda Manufacturing Co Ltd, the release stated.

Masayuki Igarachi, president and CEO of Asian Honda Motor Co Ltd, said, “Combining sales and production entities will help strengthen the Honda motorcycle business in Thailand, and raise the Honda brand to the next level.”

“We will continue to maintain the aim of delivering a superior experience, through products that are brimming with innovation and perfect service. The merger will also help the Honda brand respond to customers faster and be ready to face any challenge in the ever-changing market conditions,” he added.